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General Questions

  • Is painting included in price?
  • I am looking for a shed for temporary storage while I sell my house. Can I have the shed installed at my current house and then moved to my new house?
  • Can I buy roll up shed doors seperately and what would the pricing be?
  • Do you rent to own?
  • Are there any delivery charges?
  • Will I need a Building Permit?
  • What should I do to prepare the site prior to your arrival?
  • Do I need to be home while my storage building is being built?
  • What is the price difference for 16" OC wall studs and rafters?
  • What is the wall height of 8' wide garden sheds?
  • Still have Questions?

Wood Fencing


Stout Sheds LLC provides professional custom DogEarPrivacy680x500.jpginstallation, replacement and repair of Western Red Cedar and Pressure Treated fencing in all of our service areas.  Read More!


portable sheds

8x14 Slab Shelves Metal Roof 018

Made in the USA!