Treated Fencing

Treated Fencing


Pressure treated wood fence pickets are treated for above ground use, and can be painted or stained. 

This type of lumber usually originates from the southeastern U.S., and can be  a southern yellow pine species or a mixed pine species.  It is a fast-growing tree, one of the few types that can be pressure treated.  Other types of wood have a different cell structure and will not accept the treatment process.

This pine, after it has been cut to size, is first kiln-dried to remove most of the moisture.  Then it is bundled up and put into huge cylindrical tanks.  Next, a water based solution of micronized copper azole is forced into the wood fibers under pressure.  This process makes the wood very heavy and gives it a dark green appearance.

This pressure treated pine is guaranteed by the manufacturer not to decay or have insect damage for 20 years or more.  It is not guaranteed against shrinkage, warping, or checking (splitting).  We do not guarantee that this will not happen, because it often does.  When PT pine starts drying out, it can develop "checks" which look like splits or cracks in the posts or boards.  This is not an uncommon complaint from new owners of wood fencing.  Actually, the wood is shrinking slightly, a natural seasoning (drying out) of any piece of lumber.

Wood Fencing


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